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4 : 1
Belarusian Championship. Matchday 15
13.07.2019 20:45
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BATE — Torpedo-BelAZ

Pld W D L Pld  
52 31 16 5 89-31  
Date Tournament Pitch Score BATE Torpedo-BelAZ
18.04.2020 BCh h 0:0
01.12.2019 BCh a 2:1 Drahun Stan. 15', Stasevich I. 80' Yusov D. 13'
13.07.2019 BCh h 4:1 Milić N. 2', Drahun Stan. 11', Stasevich I. 79', Skavysh M. 94+' Premudrov K. 77'
02.12.2018 BCh a 2:2 Skavysh M. 40', Hardzeichuk M. 43' Kantsavy S. 11', Shcherbo V. 38'
06.07.2018 BCh h 2:1 Skavysh M. 58', Volkau Z. 94+' Klimovich V. 16'
12.11.2017 BC h 2:1 Sihnevich M. 92+', Radzivonau V. 101' Zubovich Y. 69'
06.11.2017 BCh a 4:2 Milunović N. 28', Milunović N. 32', Hardzeichuk M. 60', Hardzeichuk M. 82' Rekish D. 41', Kalugin M. 78'
20.06.2017 BCh h 0:0
11.03.2017 SC n 3:1 Hardzeichuk M. 20', Ivanić M. 51', Hardzeichuk M. 63' Khachaturian A. 6'
05.11.2016 BCh h 1:2 Hardzeichuk M. 41' Demidovich V. 32', Rekish D. 85'
19.06.2016 BCh a 2:1 Radzivonau V. 39', Rios A. 90' Cheliadinskiy A. 3'
21.05.2016 BC n 0:0
20.09.2015 BCh h 1:0 Jevtić A. 11'
20.05.2015 BCh a 0:0
27.10.2014 BCh a 2:2 Sihnevich M. 16', Yablonski Y. 80' Kantsavy A. 42', Burko I. 92+'
13.09.2014 BCh h 1:1 Mladenović F. 7' Kozeka S. 39'
10.07.2014 BCh h 1:1 Krivets S. 34' Kantsavy A. 55'
04.05.2014 BCh a 4:1 Radzivonau V. 12', Radzivonau V. 56', Hardzeichuk M. 59', Hardzeichuk M. 88' Vaskov A. 68'
09.11.2013 BCh a 3:1 Filipenka R. 9', Radzivonau V. 42', Badoyan Z. 78' Yatskevich A. 88'
29.09.2013 BCh h 0:1 Vaskov A. 77'
01.09.2013 BCh h 2:0 Pankovets A. 55', Baha D. 70'
31.05.2013 BCh a 3:0 Aleksiyevich I. 52', Paulau A. 62', Radzivonau V. 79'
13.10.2012 BC h 0:1 Yatskevich A. 56'
15.09.2012 BCh h 2:0 Paulau A. 66', Simić M. 76'
13.07.2012 BCh h 0:0
03.05.2012 BCh a 2:0 Bressan R. 4', Mazaleuski D. 34'
23.10.2011 BCh h 4:2 Skavysh M. 3', Bressan R. 10', Valadzko M. 41', Bressan R. 58' Solovei A. 34', Solovei A. 73'
08.07.2011 BCh a 3:0 Paulau A. 26', Niakhaichyk P. 42', Niakhaichyk P. 53'
23.04.2011 BCh h 1:0 Simić M. 39'
27.02.2011 SC n 3:0 Baha D. 30', Bressan R. 86', Niakhaichyk P. 92+'
30.10.2010 BCh a 1:1 Bressan R. 62' Karshakevich V. 73'
05.06.2010 BCh h 1:0 Bressan R. 63'
23.05.2010 BC n 5:0 Bressan R. 5', Radzivonau V. 22', Kantsavy A. 57', Bressan R. 64', Radzivonau V. 69'
03.04.2010 BCh a 1:0 Bressan R. 71'
01.11.2009 BCh a 1:1 Alumona A. 85' Zubovich Y. 2'
04.07.2009 BCh h 3:0 Krivets S. 49', Skavysh M. 53', Skavysh M. 65'
31.10.2008 BCh h 2:1 Radzivonau V. 4', Blizniuk H. 25' Sheryakov A. 36'
12.04.2008 BCh a 0:0
24.08.2007 BCh a 1:0 Blizniuk H. 31'
06.05.2007 BCh h 3:0 Platonau D. 69', Blizniuk H. 79', Radzivonau V. 93+'
28.08.2006 BCh a 1:1 Molosh D. 28' Starenkyi S. 48'
09.05.2006 BCh h 1:0 Platonau D. 87'
25.09.2005 BCh a 1:1 Kobets A. 75' Radzivonau V. 5'
12.06.2005 BCh h 0:1 Irha S. 26'
12.09.2004 BCh h 2:1 Loshankov Y. 59', Shkabara O. 66' Truhov I. 24'
10.05.2004 BCh a 2:0 Loshankov Y. 54', Strakhanovich O. 89'
14.09.2003 BCh a 3:0 Strakhanovich O. 34', Tarasenko V. 85', Komarovski D. 87'
12.05.2003 BCh h 1:1 Chumachenko I. 57' Truhov I. 81'
14.08.2002 BCh h 4:0 Baha A. 40', Beganski P. 65', Shmigero P. 75', Shmigero P. 90'
12.04.2002 BCh a 0:0
06.09.1997 BCh (D2) h 2:0 Shimko V. 40', Shimko V. 52'
17.05.1997 BCh (D2) a 0:1 Kalenik A. 55'
BATE 4 : 1  Torpedo-BelAZ
Attendance: 4234
Referee: Shcherbakov D.
Linesmen: Gusev A., Zhuk Dm., Kurgkheli A., Shimusik V.
4th official: Onikhimovski V.
Referee observer: Chernik V.
Delegate: Belov I.
Chychkan A. (GK) 35
Filipović A. 4
Yablonski Y. 5
89’ Drahun Stan. 8
89’ Baha D. 25
Rios A. 17
39’ Willumsson W.-T. 18
Stasevich I. (C) 22
Volkau Z. 23
79’ Tuominen J. 24
79’ Moukam H. 94
70’ Milić N. 26
70’ Skavysh M. 15
Simović S. 27
1 Bushma V. (GK)
6 Premudrov K.
7 Myshenko B. 65’
14 Solovei A. 65’ 87’
8 Bukorac S. 63’
10 Khachaturian A. (C) 93+’
11 Levitski D. 19’
67 Begunov R. 19’
15 Klimovich V.
18 Shcherbo V.
25 Kuzmenok I.
33 Gorbachik V. 46’
17 Yusov D. 46’
91 Obradović M. 48+’
Subs not used
Svirski A. 28
Biarozkin Y. 7
Bessmertny D. 19
Khodzhaniiazov D. 57
30 Harbunou A.
13 Nikolaevich N.
23 Poe J.-M.
Baha Aliaksei
Skrypchanka Vadzim
2' Milić N. (Drahun Stan.)
11' Drahun Stan. (Willumsson W.-T.)
79' Stasevich I. (Drahun Stan.)
94+' Skavysh M. (Stasevich I.)
Premudrov K. 77'

Aliaksei BAHA (FC BATE):

- Deservedly earned three points. We are very happy to win, because we were opposed in all respects by a serious team. This applies to its playing, and squad, and coaches. In addition, Torpedo is in the leading group. To more add, we had forced changes, which often can leave an imprint on the actions of the team. But today, nothing negative happened. I am very happy for the guys who appeared in the squad after a long break. They, like everyone else, had a very high-quality match. We scored four goals, at least the same number moments we had more, but did not use it. However, the final score is deceptive. In fact, it was not as easy as it might seem to someone who has not seen the game. Torpedo-BelAZ is a strong contender, and these are not ordinary words. Due to this the victory is more pleasant.

- Today, for the first time in the championship, Tuominen appears in the starting lineup. It seemed that this was the attacker, whom BATE had lacked during entire first lap. How do you rate the Jasse performance?
- I wouldn't like to have compared my guys in such way - whom was enough and whom was lacked before. Everyone who enter to the pitch from the first match until the present, bring themselves in full, always playing for win result. Therefore, no comparisons. As for Tuominen, he had a very high-quality match. It could not be otherwise. He is the National Team player of his country, he trains well, but it turned out that for various reasons sometimes he was not even included into the match sheet. He had an injury, then a severe sore throat before the last preseason collection. You want or not, and time is gone. But today Jasse came out and played as he was required. Due to the fact that he lived by the interests of the team, and during trainings he showed himself to be a true professional, today he played such a good match.

- Why today BATE has started so famously? How did you manage to set up the team? How did you motivate the guys, what words were told?
- We had only two days to recover. First of all physically. Psychologically it was easier, because we made a number of changes in the first eleven. The guys who didn't play with Piast turned out to be fresh in their legs and in their heads. And an excellent work on the analysis of the opponent was held by our coaching staff. In parallel with the restoration of the team brought to the guys information about who and on what Torpedo is capable of. Preparation for the match was basically standard. For the team it was important to demonstrate their strength, which was failed to do in the match with the Poles. Due to this such result was achieved. Nobody jumped higher than his head, showed any motivational videos, it just needed to play his own strength and help the guys who had rarely played before this match to feel at ease.

- In general, with the Piast on away you can start the same aggressively?
- We can all. The singers group "Chaif" has such words of the song - "Do not rush to bury us". First, do not run ahead of the locomotive. And secondly, do not cover by blanket. Everything will be fine. We can do everything that we have proven more than once in our history. We are tune in to the match, to achieve the result. We do not know how everything will turn. After all, in football there are many things that you are not able to influence - any rebound, any ricochet, some decision of the referee. But the fact that we will fly to Poland with the inevitable desire to reach the next round of the Champions League is one hundred percent, even more.

- Stanislau Drahun today was over-motivated. This is due to the guilt for the red card in the first leg match against Piast?
- I would not draw such parallels between these fights. Stas just played another quality match. He did a lot for the team and for the victory. And that red card is already in history. Emotions subsided, so we need to look further.

- Did you have any temptation to play today without Drahun and see how the team can do without one of the leaders?
- There were a lot of different thoughts. But if you start to be so clever, then there is a risk of losing points. And we could not do this at all. Given that Stas will not enter to the field in Poland, and then small pause will also formed, today he had to play.

- Drahun left the dressing room, decently limping. What happened to him?
- Decently hit the ankle in the first half. Stas also kept ice on the break. Then he was "received" again and after the break. The bruise is serious. Fortunately, there is time until the next game to heal the sore.

- In connection with the impossibility of using Drahun in the second leg with Piast, do you regret that you broke up with Hleb?
- No.

- Before the match, Dubajić appeared in the list of injured. What about him?
- During the game with Piast he received slight muscle damage. Bojan needs a short course of treatment. While he is not an assistant to us.

- And on away match against Piast he will not play?
- No. Do not have time to recover.

- Shcharbitski was not included to match sheet. Why?
- Yesterday he was carried out, let's say, a voluminous procedure on the joint, after which it was recommended not to do his direct business. He needs a pause.

- Does this mean that Chychkan will play in Poland?
- We have three days. But lately, Anton has been playing regularly. Therefore, the logic pushes precisely to make such a decision. But we will not hurry. Let's see what will happen tomorrow.

- Are you satisfied with the game Chychkan?
- Yes. Anton has long been in our team, in knowledge of all requirements, he knows the guys very well. The fact that he is a quality goalkeeper was never in doubt. Simply, whether you want to or not, only one goalkeeper enters the field. Therefore, for some time Chychkan spent behind Shhcharbitski.

- Filipenka today moved with crutches. How serious is his damage?
- The Minsk survey showed that it was quite serious. On Monday, Ryhor flies to Rome. On Tuesday, he is scheduled consultation and in-depth examination. After that, Italian doctors will outline further prospects.

- In the center of defense you entrusted the place for Simović. By what were you guided for this decision? Why precisely he? And are you satisfied with how the pair of Volkau-Simović played?
- Satisfied. Slobodan had a very good match. Both in the struggle and in the creation. We really wanted to return Yablonski to the position where he played the first lap and where he looked great. After replacing and rebuilding in a recent match with Piast, we broke our usual midfielders' triangle. Perhaps our decision to some extent played a negative role. But this is history. Today, Zhenya was returned to his usual position, and Simović was sent to the center of defense in order to see how this bunch of defenders would act. In addition, we also took into account the fact that in Torpedo there are two tall strikers, which meant an abundance of headings struggles. And Simović in this component with its height is not bad. And he coped with the task. There was another option to send Filipović to the center of defense. But it fell away, because a couple of days before the game, at a training session, almost at flat place, Jonassen received a strong blow to the knee area, a large hematoma was formed. Fortunately, nothing serious happened, but today he could not play.

- Does this mean that a pair of Volkau-Simović will be released in Poland?
- No. Tomorrow we will talk with the guys, discuss. Let's see how Jonassen will feel. There are different options.

- Does it bother you that Dynamo-Brest meets with rivals after FC BATE playing with them?
- Please note, I did not say that. Leave this question.

- Is this some kind of advantage for Brest?
- They have an advantage in that they, in comparison with others, fly by plane for away matches.

- Now Piast is playing for the Super Cup of the country. How do you prepare for the second leg match? Maybe one of your assistants flew to Poland?
- No, nobody flew. As I already know, Piast loses. Naturally, tomorrow we will see this game, will analyze it. There a mixed squad was on the pitch. It can be seen that the team's coaching staff keeps in mind a return game with BATE. We saw two matches of GKS Piast, when Dzmitry Molash flew to Poland. And now decided to focus on the match with Torpedo. And tomorrow we will begin to prepare for the Piast. The analysis of the first leg duel is already ready. Slowly we will show the team everything that it needs to know and understand. There will be no lack of information on the Super Cup game either. This match will be observed by the media far and wide. In addition, in squad of Lechia Gdańsk is Filip Mladenović. Maybe our Serbian friend will tell us something interesting. We guess that not without reason we fed him at the base for two years.

- In what condition is Saroka now?
- You know, it is very difficult to assess the condition of the injured football player. Like Anton smiles, walks on procedures, comes to base, on matches. But what is inside a person when, for reasons of health, he cannot help the team? And so everything is fine with him. Recovery is underway. Need time.

- It turns out, before the match against Piast in the line of attack, do you have a choice, then?
- At our disposal there are all the guys who today were part of, plus Jonassen, for the imminent return to the system which we are very much looking forward to. And so the price of the first game with Piast was incredibly high. You can say that the fight took four bayonets from us. It seems that yesterday there were twenty-three people in squad - no one could get on the bus, but today there are fifteen only, like Shevtsov's handball one.

- Torpedo today tried to play in open, attacking football. How much will it help before the confrontation with Piast?
- It is difficult to draw parallels between matches of different tournaments. Indeed, Zhodino players strive to impose their game on opponents, to possess the ball, to put pressure well. But we were preparing for this. Two days after the Champions League match were devoted to preparing for the game with Torpedo.

- Did you have thoughts to postpone this meeting with Torpedo?
- No. Having moved it forward, it would be possible to plunge decently on an autumn. In addition, no matter how developed in Poland, we are still continuing the European Club Competitions campaign. Therefore, there was a risk of the emergence of large layers of games in the future. We had enough resource to hold a match with Zhodino players in the terms prescribed by the calendar.

Dnyapro 3:4 Energetik-BGU
Minsk 3:3 Isloch
Torpedo Mn 1:2 Gomel
BATE 4:1 Torpedo-BelAZ
Neman 0:0 Slutsk
Dynamo Br 1:2 Dinamo Mn
Slaviya 0:1 Vitebsk
Gorodeya 0:0 Shakhtyor

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Player Substitutions G P PG PNS GC ПП ОП О
35 Chychkan A. 1 7.8
4 Filipović A. 8
5 Yablonski Y. 8.1
8 Drahun Stan. 89' 1 2 8.8
25 Baha D. 89' 6.6
17 Rios A. 6.6
18 Willumsson W.-T. 1 8
22 Stasevich I. 1 1 9.7
23 Volkau Z. 8.2
24 Tuominen J. 79' 7.9
94 Moukam H. 79' 7.1
26 Milić N. 70' 1 8.4
15 Skavysh M. 70' 1 8.3
27 Simović S. 7.1

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    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 16

    04 july 2020, 16:00

    Referee: Kurgkheli A.

    0:1 Energetik-BGU


    BATE — Energetik-BGU

    2 : 1

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Belarusian Champ.

Team Pld Pts
1 Shakhtyor 16 30
2 BATE 16 30
3 Neman 15 29
4 Energetik-BGU 16 29
5 Dinamo Br 16 26
6 Torpedo-BelAZ 16 26
7 Dinamo Mn 16 23
8 Isloch 16 23
9 Vitebsk 16 22
10 Rukh 16 22
11 Slaviya 16 21
12 Slutsk 16 18
13 Gorodeya 16 16
14 Minsk 14 15
15 Smolevichi 15 11
16 Belshina 16 7
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